Entrepeneurship congress "Vitality in business" Breukelen.

Congress “Vitality in business”

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Business has many obstacles and sometimes you have to work hard to generate money. In practice, it turns out to be difficult to include vitality as an entrepreneur, because as an entrepreneur, growth of the company is central. Unfortunately, growth is hampered by various circumstances, which increases the risk of work pressure.

How to create your overview and focus as an independent entrepreneur? How do you ensure that you remain fit? How do you keep doing business in peace? These are some of the questions that we often hear. Vitality has a large impact on you and your company. But it goes much further than that. It influences the way you age and also therewith, your life. As an entrepreneur, busy building your business and keeping it running. While having the advantage that you are your own boss, you are often not aware of how much time and energy certain things cost. You may be confronted with health issues in different ways. For example physical health problems, stress, or problems over which you have no influence.

In this congress we focus our attention on “vitality in business “. What can you contribute from yourself to promoting vitality and entrepreneurship? Various speakers look at vitality from a different angle. By gaining more knowledge about this, you can create new insights to address your vitality.

Come and participate in this congress. There is a lot to learn! There will be inspiring and fascinating speakers, and you can get ideas and practical tips for your company. During the break you can also enjoy a delicous lunch.


Jochem Uytdehaage

Speaker who became successful in the sports world through passion and enthusiasm he managed to win two gold and silver medals in Salt Lake City as a skater. With various top performances and deep lows, he managed to find balance in the sports world. In 2007 he stopped skating, and became much more concerned with vitality. Not just in everyday life, but also in business.

Jochem will make you aware of your own lifestyle, and teaches you to get started with applying “The power of vital entrepreneurship” in the right way, so that you can function optimally in business.
He calls it “living a richer life”.

Madelon Muns

A one in a thousand speaker, with the amount of knowledge she possesses and her eye for quality. She has helped many people find the right natural solution for physical health. She introduces you to the power of essential oils. Madelon explains how essential oils work in the fields of energy stress management and physical challenges, and how you can apply these in your daily and business life in a simple but effective way.

Ralph Moorman

An amazing and inspirational speaker who has a large knowledge of the endocrine system. If your hormone system is out of balance, you can make many attempts to live a healthier life, but unfortunately this becomes difficult. Ralph explains step by step how you can bring your hormone system back into balance and improve your behaviour by making the link between diet, sport and stress. How nice it would be if you are able to do business care free, without having problems with your hormones.

Then there is an opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs, so that you get to know like-minded entrepreneurs.
Together we go “Vitality in the future!!”

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