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Event Agency in Breukelen

Corporate events

Event agency Kalii Events will proudly present the unexpected elements that respond
to current trends that suit an entrepreneurial event.

Organizing an entrepreneurial event means creating a certain atmosphere at Kalii events.
Creativity and imagination can always be used. It can be wilder and more exciting. Kalii Events
arranges things slightly differently than usual, so that we make participants enthusiastic and keep
them fresh and alert. We create a memorable event with a thrill factor and provide a nice memory.
If you like to expand your network or develop yourself, be welcome at one of our events.

Seminars voor ondernemers


The Do-Seminar offers entrepreneurs opportunities to build bridges between themselves and their customers, based on their own strengths and qualities.

Show events
Netwerken met mensen

Network meetings

Kalii Events organises different networking meetings for entrepreneurs of various group size a number of times a year, irrespective of the type of theme, nature and character.

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Congres Kalii Events


The entrepreneurs who quickly walk to the main hall will regret it, because with a surprise ingredient we even make the handing over of your jacket at the arrival register something exciting and certainly unique.

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Onze klanten aan het woord


Eveline Februari 2022
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Had a very educational seminar! Everything perfectly arranged. Very nice contact with the employees. Highly recommended.
Len D.Januari 2022
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Well organized from start to finish. Everything was clear. Seminar definitely worth repeating, thank you.
Richard K.Januari 2021
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During an online networking meeting I had some problems with my sound. I was helped by a friendly intern. I have to say that online networking is very different, but certainly a fun experience. Next time I'll be there again 😊.
M.Verdo December 2020
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It was the first time I had signed up for an online seminar. A learning experience with friendly trainers. In one word: "Great!"
Elisa Waterman November 2020
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If you want to network online, I can definitely recommend Kalii Events. Cozy and casual atmosphere. The advantage is that you do not need a membership.
Pieter-Jan Couckuyt Oktober 2020
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I got to know Lilis through LinkedIn and scheduled a video meeting! We noticed that we were both active in the same sectors and decided to continue working together in the future. Always nice to connect and discuss future plans. Quality, professionalism and responsiveness event agency.
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