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Corporate events

From July 1, the corona measures have been relaxed. This means that our Do-seminars can be given in small groups of up to 3 people. We have to postpone the network meetings and congresses until September 1, but you can network online at our events.

After 1 September Kalii Events proudly introduces surprise ingredients, responding to current business trends that suit your business event.

We change the standard entrance of each participant in an experience full of pleasant wonder, so that the mood is already in place.
Organising a business event at Kalii Events means creating a certain atmosphere. Creativity and fantasy may be used again. It may be off-the-wall and exciting. We allow fantasies to come free and make dreams come true.

Kalii Events arranges things just a little bit differently, we enthuse your participants keeping them fresh and alert. We create a momentous event with a thrill factor whilst providing wonderful memories.


The Do-Seminar offers entrepreneurs opportunities to build bridges between themselves and their customers, based on their own strengths and qualities.

Show events

Network meetings

Kalii Events organises different networking meetings for entrepreneurs of various group size a number of times a year, irrespective of the type of theme, nature and character.

Show events


The entrepreneurs who quickly walk to the main hall will regret it, because with a surprise ingredient we even make the handing over of your jacket at the arrival register something exciting and certainly unique.

Show events
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